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The Mean Grocery Store Trick

The grocery store where I shop recently rearranged all the items on their shelves.  They said it was to make that store set up like the other three in town.  It seems plausible, though I suspect some kind of marketing guru told them they’d sell more if certain items were at eye level or at end caps.

For the average person it was a bit discombobulating.  But it’s turned me into a hungry rat frantically trying to find the cheese at the end of the maze.

They flipped the chips to the opposite end of the store and I still can’t find the cashews.  On one recent trip I ended up pacing up and down each aisle chanting, “Croutons.  Croutons.  Croutons,” until a stock boy asked if he could help me find anything.

What once was a 30-minute trip for a couple bags of groceries has turned into an epic hunting expedition for sustenance.  Even that wouldn’t be so bad if I could drive myself, but I have to catch a bus, so every second is valuable.  More than once, I’ve had to prioritize, which meant leaving certain items behind.

Maybe that’s how we can cure America’s obesity epidemic.  Rearrange grocery stores every few months so the non-essentials are passed up.  It wouldn’t be good for the grocer’s bottom line, but it would be good for everyone else’s waist line.

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