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First Post: What Is A Born Again Diabetic?

That’s right, I’m a Born-Again Diabetic. Confusing? Let me explain. I was a Type I from the age of 12 until I had a pancreas transplant when I was 33. It came with a new kidney. Diabetes took a toll on me. Being diagnosed at that age, I wasn’t always a model patient. It caused me to have kidney failure, lose part of my vision and parts of my feet are numb.
I loved being a “former diabetic” after the transplant. Or is the proper term “ex-diabetic”? It doesn’t matter. I felt the way a parolee from prison must feel. No more shots. No more blood tests. No more diet. No more strict sschedules. Well, I had to start taking anti-rejection meds—lots of ‘em—twice a day. Compared to the life I lived before, that was nothing. I was free, free, FREE!

It lasted 14 years, which is longer than the average transplanted pancreas lasts. The doctors tell me I didn’t “wear it out.” But, losing it does feel like a failure. It’s a loss, to say the least.

So, here I am, a Type I again. The simplest way to put is Born-Again Diabetic. Yeah, it sorta makes it sound like it was my choice, but I’m trying to be clever, light-hearted, and witty.
You can expect to find some light-hearted wit here, along with some brutally honest complaints, joys, worries, and soul-searching. I’ll pass along articles I find about pancreas transplants, Islet cell transplants, and other diabetes-related news. No, I won’t be the Diabetic Guru of the blogosphere. I’m not making any claims to always be the first to post the latest and greatest diabetic news.

I’m happy to pass along on-topic news from you.

I’ll probably post a recipe now and then, but that doesn’t mean I’ve tried them myself. Writing is my strong suit. Cooking is not. My original and transplanted pancreases may not work anymore, but my sweet tooth is alive and well. If you know some simple, easy to prepaire dessert recipes for diabetics, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate you sharing them.
Above all, this will be a journey and I invite you to join me as I adjust to life with a disease I conquered once. Maybe I’ll get another pancreas. Maybe I’ll get transplanted Islet cells. Maybe I’ll get an artificial pancreas. One day I hope to be a Former Born-Again Diabetic. Or is it Ex-Born-Again Diabetic? Whatever happens, you’ll find out about it with me. And it will be an honor to share the experience with you.