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Life In 3-D

I’ve had the glasses for two weeks now and I’m still getting used to them.  They are bifocal and the line drives me crazy at times.  I can’t use them at the computer but that’s OK.

The first week I had them, it seemed like inanimate objects jumped out at me.  Walking through the big room at the health club, the exercise machines lunged at me with their various handles, seats, and weight bars sticking out.  Anyone paying close attention would have thought I had a nervous condition.  That was when I realized what’s different now.

Now I have more depth perception.  I hadn’t noticed it had decreased.  Now that it’s back, I feel like I’m roaming around inside a 3-D movie.

The adjustment period comes as no surprise.  Adjustment periods have become a regular occurrence in my life.  It’s nice to see more detail on the ground when I’m walking.  It’s a relief to recognize faces and facial expressions at a greater distance.  I still don’t see well and it isn’t what it was as the beginning of 2003.  But it’s an improvement and I’ll take whatever I can get.

The glasses will do fine for now.  But, I’m still optimistic about what the future holds in medicine.  Will I one day have a retina transplant?  Will stem cells repair the damaged parts of my eyes?  Maybe it will be a bionic retina that restores my vision.  All of those things are being tested and perfected.  Maybe there’s a “dark horse candidate” I’m not aware of that will come to my rescue.

One thing is for certain.  This 3-D movie that has become my life will continue to have plot twists and surprises.