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Here are links to some of my favorite sites.  Some I have created, some were created by friends, and others have information about subjects I find important or interesting.

"What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger."  You've seen it on this site and if you agree with it, WhatMakesUsStronger.com is for you.   I host the site, which features inspirational stories not unlike mine--stories of resilience and how others have overcome setbacks to achieve more than anyone expected.  There are also resources, books, and a blog.  Let others know about it if you think it might help them.  It's more than a pet project for me.  It's something I feel called to do.  I'm always looking for more true stories to include, so feel free to contact me.

My blog: Groping for Focus

The life of a middle-aged visually impaired ex-diabetic writer with a kidney/pancreas transplant living in a college town in the Ozarks.  I started this blog in November, 2010.  It takes the reader with me for some of the unique experiences I have on a fairly regular basis.  It's a fun and revealing look at what life is like for me. 

Some fellow authors


It's pretty cool to be connected with a place as old as the Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA.  It's the oldest wood frame structure in North America and my ancestors lived there.  I had the chance to see it in person in July, 2008.

Fayetteville, my funky hometown.  Maybe I should have used a more interesting font for this paragraph.  Here are a few sites that explain the college town where I grew up, moved away from (more than once) and always return to.  If you think all of the South is the same, check out these sites...